Yacht Sitter

Peace of Mind when away from your yacht

Yacht Sitter

Plans to leave your yacht afloat in Sardinia?

In case you're planning to leave your yacht in the water for a short time or for all of the winter

You can rely on our over 25 years of hands-on experience on board.

With our Yacht-sitter maintenance services you'll finally profit of every day of your sacred holidays

Your yacht will be fully checked, professionally cleaned and ready to set sails up or power on to your cruising destination.

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Your yacht

We are based in Olbia, NE Sardinia, the most interesting sailing area in the Mediterranean

Area of operation:

All Marinas in North-East Sardinia

We offer professional yacht maintenance services at reasonable prices
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Peace of Mind when away from your yacht

Feel like having your trusted crew on watch.


Your lovely yacht ready whenever you'll be

Less time cleaning, more time Sailing.


Easy to work with

Tailored schedules based on your private programs.

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Your long experienced crew caring for your loved yacht
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Our Yacht Maintenance services list

Please select here below the timing and specific services that will adapt more to your unique needs

How often would you like to have your yacht checked?

Our proposals for scheduling services

We can provide reports of our inspections, in the options of the following:

Please select here below your preferred service. Our professional team will take care of your Yacht with maximum attention to details. We only use non aggressive and bio detergents for fiberglass as well as for teak decks. We can provide a gentle flushout or a deep washing and separated teak treatment, inox and or metal polishing according to your requirements. Dedicated services to sailing yachts like rope washing, winch and sail maintenance and storage for the winter can be arranged on request.

Standard yacht maintenance services

We can arrange specialized services, like thorough cleaning of the interior and stain removal of carpets, canvas and curtains.

Seasonal preparation can be precisely arranged tailored to suit your needs. It can include sail re-installation and all ropes checked and washed with softening detergent and re-rigged, deck and teak perfectly clean, engines and generators serviced, water tank and fuel tank filled, up to a full operational fridge with local fresh food, fruits, drinks and so on to suite your needs.

Pre-sale preparation is a worthwhile service in case of potential buyers coming to inspect your yacht for-sale.

Yacht delivery is also easy to arrange with our long experienced RYA/MCA YachtMaster and competent crew service.

Optional yacht maintenance services:

We can take care of life-raft revision, first-aid kits and grab bags replenishment and update, extinguishers and all safety equipment review and servicing.

Our prime task is to let yacht owners properly enjoy their holidays spending more time sailing than running behind practical duties.

Additional services:

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