Marinas in North-East SARDINIA

Beside the well know Marina di Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, we have some other well equipped and protected Marinas, plus some facilities quite comfortable in the summertime, but not really well protected in the winter season.

Picture at Marina di Portisco
Marina Name Berths Max dept Max length VHF Ch
1 - Marina di PuntAldia 380 5 mt 26 mt Ch 9
2 - Marina di Olbia 270 5 mt 60 mt Ch 9
3 - Golfo Aranci 80 5 mt 24 mt Ch 9
4 - Porto Marana 250 2 mt 15 mt Ch 9
5 - Portorotondo 652 5.5 mt 80 mt Ch 9
6 - Portisco 589 10 mt 90 mt Ch 69
7 - Porto Cervo 700 8 mt 160 mt Ch 9
8 - Poltu Quatu 305 3 mt 35 mt Ch 9

predominant winds in Olbia
average temperatures Olbia

North-East SARDINIA Moorings

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Bonifacio from the sea

Our selection of Local News:

Porto Cervo, 15 May 2020. Pending definitive government provisions, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda has postponed the opening of its base in Porto Cervo until the end of June/beginning of July, and in the meantime is preparing to get safely underway.

Regional sources have indicated that national flights to and from Sardinia will resume from 15 June. Confirmation is expected in the coming days on whether or not this will be brought forward to the beginning of June on the basis of national indications, while international connections will resume from 25 June.

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